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6 Silent Tears…..</3

Last night before i went to bed

Thoughts of you filled my head

Though i haven’t cried this way in years

Onto my pillow fell 6 Silent Tears…

The 1st was for your angel face

And the thoughts of your warm loving embrace

The 2nd was for your smile that i long to see

And the feelings of joy you have given me

The 3rd came as no surprise

As i thought of your big beautiful eyes

After this the 4th came rolling

Instead of my pillow it should be you i’m holding

The 5th came for one reason alone

I felt my love for you was never fully shown

I really do miss you my precious dear

There just fell the 6th Silent Tear!


untitled…..a poem i wrote for someone…..

The truth is she will never know

About these feeling I’m afraid to show.

My feelings for her which I can’t deny.

I have these feelings and I don’t know why.

I highly doubt something could possibly occur.

I just feel like I wouldn’t be right for her.

I’ve had these feelings for quite some time.

I just can’t get her off my mind.

Yet it seems like I could only have her in my dreams.

The truth is life is never what it seems.

I just don’t know if she feels the same way.

Even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to say.

She’s beautiful, amazing, and everything I wish for.

As the days go by, I want her more and more.

So now I wait because

It’s the only way.

I just hope she will be mines one day.


You ignore me

Tell a thousand lies

Promise me the world

Then crush my pride

Brusie my soul

Blacken my heart

why cant u just love me

when i try to move on

you beg me to remain by your side

i crave to refuse

but your curse is eternal

binding my essence

to your cold touch

torturing me shattering

my universe only to patch it up

and tear it up again

inescapable to one another

we play this game of cat and mouse

across time reliving the same hell

one century at a time beauty

and the beast the darkness

and the light caught up

in a love triangle

searching for the answers

a way out of this prison

a road that leads me

to someone other

then you set me free

because i cant rid

myself of u my weakened

will just wont let me

I would… But…

I care about you so much…

I miss you… But…

I don’t know

if I want to anymore…

I wish I could move on…


I have fallen under your umbrella,

and you’ve taken my heart captive…

I would get some sleep…


I am kept awake by the wishful thinking connected to thoughts of you…

I would fight for another cause…


I find it easier to follow the sheep to the slaughter…

I would tell you I hate you to your face…


I love you.

Why do you always have to make things so difficult? You impeder of progress… Holding me back, and you don’t even know it.

Truth behind the GATE….!

in the past,

ive seen the gate.

inside of which,

someone i hate.

glaring back,

inside my soul.

the stare so sharp,

it drills a hole.

for through the gate,

i dared to peek.

and through the gate,

the truth is bleak.

the answer stays

as clear as day

for the truth is

i, am behind the gate.

Bhul Gaye hai ki Jute kahan utare the-UDAAN

Chhoti-chhoti chhitrayi yaadein
Bichhi hui hain lamhon ki lawn par
Nange pair unpar chalte-chalte
Itni door chale aaye
Ki ab bhool gaye hain ki
Joote kahan utaare the.
Aedi komal thi, jab aaye the.
Thodi si naazuk hai abhi bhi.
Aur nazuk hi rahegi
In khatti-meethi yaadon ki shararat
Jab tak inhe gudgudati rahe.
Sach, bhool gaye hain
Ki joote kahan utaare the.
Par lagta hai,
Ab unki zaroorat nahin.

Little Liar On the Wall…!

I looked into the mirror on the wall,

And I saw what most people see,

Their reflections staring back at them,

As mine, it does to me.

It showed my hair, my face, my nose,

My cold and desolate eyes;

Not the numbness of the surrounding cold,

Nor the direction of my lies.

As I look into the mirror, And I try to find my name,

It doesn’t say it; it doesn’t tell me, A mind that’s gone insane.

“You can’t see yourself,” the mirror says,

“Only your own illusion.”

Even as I stare hard at the looking glass, There was not one intrusion.

“Don’t lie to me,” I yell

“I know that this is who I am!”

A lost soul, a desperate heart,

Not a woman or a man. (hehe, disturbing…)

There’s a little liar on my wall;

I stare,

It stares back at me as well,

And as I turn away,

it turns away,

And sends me back to hell.


Take a good look and tell me what you see.
What do you see when you look at me?
I’m not perfect and I never will be.
So just open up your eyes and see.

Open your eyes and see that I’m true.
See that I’m human just like you.
Sometimes I may not know what to do.
I make mistakes and you do too.

Perfection is something that’s just a delusion.
Something that’s just a never-ending illusion.
It’s just something people chase out of confusion.
This confusion will never have a conclusion.

Just be yourself and control your own fate.
Find who you are, don’t sit back and wait.
Ignore the people who try to hate.
Because for them, it’s already too late.

So try to understand the words you’ve read.
Just be someone real and don’t be mislead.
This is just something that has to be said.
Because the end is something we all dread.

Rejected by three Words…..

Forgive me if i have made any mistakes,

Im sorry For the time ive wasted,


for falling to quickly for you,

If you can see the pain im feeling,

mabey you’d have an idea,

of how much ive felt for you,

those memories are fading now,

as much as i would love to remember them,

It only causes more pain,

to much hurt,

and no matter what i do,

i cant make the tears go away,

and that ripping,

empty part in my chest,

that longs to be filled,

is growing bigger,

If there was only a cure for this,

Im sorry,

For saying those three words,

That have now destroyed me…

When The Sky Turns To Blue…!

Isn’t funny how colours
can change
everything that we do

Or how a simple walk
makes you realise
how that statement is true

For today i heard flip flops
on concrete
play a musical beat

My shades protected the blindness
from smiles
on all that i did meet

There was laughter all around
not one baby
did i hear cry

As the sun warmed our hearts
shining proud
putting us all on a high

I hope this day goes on always
for with it
i will never be through

But isn’t it funny how colours affect us
when the sky turns to blue……!

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