Once, God was playing a game of chess with his old nemesis, Satan. Satan made a shrewd move and forced God’s King into a corner. He laughed maliciously and said with a smirk, “You see what I’ve done, old man, don’t you?”

God acknowledged, “Yes, you’ve used my name to turn people to your side.”

Satan laughed again, “Hah. God! They are so blinded by you and your aura, they fail to see that it really is my bidding. My agents incite riots in your name. People kill one another to prove their God is superior. Men who claim to be your messengers are busy spreading the message of greed and lust across the world. While on the one hand, people bow down and pray to your idols, they turn to the allures the Devil has to offer the very next moment. You are done now. Check.”

God smiled, leaned forward, looked Satan in the eye and asked, “What does light have that darkness does not?”

Satan remained silent.

“An identity. An ounce of light can overpower an entire room of darkness. That is the power of light.”

Satan frowned, “You and your useless metaphors.”

God smiled again, “Let me explain it to you in your language then. Yes, you have turned my children upon one another in my name. But, in doing so, you are inadvertently leading them to the ultimate realization. As they understand that whatever is being done in the name of God has no bearing with God himself, what do you think the message really will be?”


God moved a piece on the chessboard, struck down Satan’s piece and positioned it in line with the Satan’s King. “That God does not speak his words through voice of men who claim to be his messengers. That God does not have an agenda, that he does not need to be served in order to receive his love. That God is not an institution, it’s an ideology. Checkmate, dear friend.”

*Dedicated to all victims of hatred spread in the name of God. via NTMN