life is art like is bright as can be.

put a pen to a page words and notes to a song that lights up the seas.

to the sound of a step when it just you and me .

the beauty of a bird as it sings in a tree such sweet songs that can’t be seen.

to dance a foot work that shows body movement can be art .

to the skills of a designer to blind to see.

that the house he builds is art more then an eye can see.

to love witch can case them to bleed to break or to proceed .

to anime drew on a page .

the lights dim a photo shot cilck click click many photo you see .

a form of art took with a machine the beauty of life capture you see.

to the cilcks of the keyboard as ever key is pushed.

art is around us no matter the ways from the wind in the trees to the man with a sneeze .

you look around with wide eyes you will see.

art is what makes you and me .

so though this artful path of life you see .

i want to bring you as close as can be .

for with out passion for the thing called art .

this world will fade to a grey lifeless ark .

so i will hold you close and let tear be shade .

for even a tear leaves a drop of art .

it rolls down your cheek as gentle as can be.

and drops to the ground or maybe the sea .

it makes a sound that you could hardly hear or see.

and now i shall hold you close to me.

and make the sea freeze .

case with art all can be seen.

from a pen to kinfe all can be used.

to make this life whole and brand new .

1 to 2 A to Z life is what you see .

so see the art and fill up your world .

case with you and me life will always be what you dream .