To Whom It My Concern

The lights are off

but I am home staring at darkness

all alone my friends dont bother to call

not even to hangout at the mall

I wish that they only knew the things

that I am going through

they say that life is a game

maybe now they will remember my name

I know that I dont talk much

but this is me speaking up

and trying to let u know

that some scars will never show

I truely am sorry that this finally got to me

dont be sad dont ask why to whom it my concern

this is goodbye

I killed myself the other day

right after telling that im ok (im sorry)

I let u down again and again

I never was that great of a friend

mom and dad, family

can u find it in your heart to forgive me?

and let me sing you to sleep

whisper secrets I’ll always keep

Someone could have made me

had saved me had helped me

hold on Im guessing a lesson

will be learned

hold on hold on hold on to whom it my concern…..!!