I promised before I’ll be waiting

But that kind of promise was confusing

because I’m hoping for a love that didn’t exist

Acting to be blind of wat my eyes can truly see

Hard to say but I know to you I am nothing

And in ur life he is everything

Everyday I’m faking a smile on my face

Though inside I was totally broken

I did everything just to ease my pain

Things that make me go insane

But no matter how hard I tried

I could still feel the hurt,

But this is not how it should be

And it is because of me

I did things that I shouldnt have to do

Like forcing my feelings on you

I’m sorry for being a burden

I promised it wont be that way again

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned

I already suffer for wat has happened

My tears know when to flow

My love knows when to let go

Honestly speaking, I’ve been hurt enough

So I guess its not bad for me to give up

Moving on is a complicated process

I know in my life there is a better sight

Finding the truth, someday I might Trusting in myself is my only assurance My only way and my only chance