I looked into the mirror on the wall,

And I saw what most people see,

Their reflections staring back at them,

As mine, it does to me.

It showed my hair, my face, my nose,

My cold and desolate eyes;

Not the numbness of the surrounding cold,

Nor the direction of my lies.

As I look into the mirror, And I try to find my name,

It doesn’t say it; it doesn’t tell me, A mind that’s gone insane.

“You can’t see yourself,” the mirror says,

“Only your own illusion.”

Even as I stare hard at the looking glass, There was not one intrusion.

“Don’t lie to me,” I yell

“I know that this is who I am!”

A lost soul, a desperate heart,

Not a woman or a man. (hehe, disturbing…)

There’s a little liar on my wall;

I stare,

It stares back at me as well,

And as I turn away,

it turns away,

And sends me back to hell.