Take a good look and tell me what you see.
What do you see when you look at me?
I’m not perfect and I never will be.
So just open up your eyes and see.

Open your eyes and see that I’m true.
See that I’m human just like you.
Sometimes I may not know what to do.
I make mistakes and you do too.

Perfection is something that’s just a delusion.
Something that’s just a never-ending illusion.
It’s just something people chase out of confusion.
This confusion will never have a conclusion.

Just be yourself and control your own fate.
Find who you are, don’t sit back and wait.
Ignore the people who try to hate.
Because for them, it’s already too late.

So try to understand the words you’ve read.
Just be someone real and don’t be mislead.
This is just something that has to be said.
Because the end is something we all dread.