Sitting all alone with nothing to contemplate,
Thinking of the past and my fate.
I’m so confused about how I feel.
I have an ache in my heart, that I cannot conceal.

I so much want to forget the past,
But in my mind it will forever last.
I look ahead at what’s in store,
Only to feel much worse about the life I’m in for.
What am i good at I ask myself almost every day,
I come up blank with a strong feeling of dismay.

All I want is to have a deep passion;
Something I can do with a sweet perfection.
Where in the world do i belong?
How will I sing my song?
Who is the person in my heart?
What is it to be intelligent or smart,
When it becomes very useless,
Because there is no talent to express?

Trying things for the first time isn’t easy,
It’s a disappointment when the activity doesn’t please me.
Discouragement can slow down my quest,
It can leave me feeling saddened and dispossessed.

This poem is simply a way to let out the feelings.
I guess it’s not vey productive to stare at this ceiling.
Sleeping sounds like a good plan,
But my thoughts are spinning around and around like a fan.

It seems like I can’t think right.
I’m making horrible analogies that only make perfect sense in my mind.
My inspiration is fading away,
As this night turns into day.

The sun is up, and the day has begun.
It’s strange how the feelings can just go and be done.
I’m grateful for the light because it takes the darkness.
Shadows are replaced with shade, bringing happiness.
The day is so beautiful, and it soothes me.
It tells me that I can be,
Whatever it is I want to be.

There is no need to worry about such things,
When there are trees with swings.
There is no need to have fear,
When life is filled with vibrant cheer.
Just take a deep breath and appreciate the wind.
Take a step back and remember your friends.
Everything will be okay,
If you never forget the light of day…..!