i write this for you but you don’t even realize
how can i make you notice me when i can’t even look you in your eyes
you say that you’re psychic and can read my mind
well im glad one of us can cause im lost and can’t find
the part of my brain that’ll help me make a move
it’s hard enough to stay on this path but how do i prove
that what i do is for you when we’re never together
our plans fall through like the drop of a feather
slowly but i can see it losing altitude
i try to catch it but there’s nothing i can do
no time to hang with your busy week
i can sympathize and all i really want is some time for us to speak
it seems i can’t have that either so maybe just a smile will hold me for the time being
but when i get a glimpse of your face it disappears before i can see your teeth gleeming
all im left with is the hope that next week will be better
but if it’s not the tests, the parents, then it’s just the weather
easier just to quit but i’m in it til the end
i won’t settle for a role as just another friend
one more buddy to talk to isn’t what i desire
i want someone to hold and share a blanket with around a campfire
when i ask you to hang im really asking for a date
i can’t form the words and now im worried it’s too late
runnng out of time so i gotta act fast
if i’m not first, then i guess it’s true that nice guys finish last
so i’ll just put it all out there despite my shy nature
not sure how to say it so i’ll make it obvious in my next feature…