It was another day without you,
Where the sun didn’t shine.
I started remembering your sweet love,
And between pictures and songs,
I wrote for you with my heart.
It was another day without faith,
I dreamed of coming back,
But I never got the courage to call,
And in a river of emotions,
I started crying again…
And I started thinking of you,
Of the days we had,
Where it was all right between us both,
With you, and those days when I had your love.
It was a dream without a reason,
I didn’t hear from you anymore,
But I always waited for to come back,
With the kiss I waited for,
And never came looking for me.
So I started thinking again about you,
About the good and happy times that we had,
Where everything was great between us,
About those times when I had your love,
When I had you by my side…